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"It is a very great poverty to decide that a child must die that you might live as you wish." — Mother Teresa of Calcutta


The term abortion refers to any premature expulsion of a human fetus, naturally and/or spontaneously, as in the case of a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortions. Today, the most common usage of the term applies to artificially induced termination of pregnancy.


In 1973, the Supreme Court handed down its Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions legalizing abortion in all 50 states during all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason, medical, social, or otherwise.


Most abortions performed today are for social not medical reasons—usually because a woman doesn't feel ready for a baby, her partner wants her to have an abortion, etc. About 93% are done for elective, non-medical reasons such as these.

Developmental Milestones

Abortion terminates a pregnancy by destroying and removing the fetus. However, it's important to note developmental milestones as they correlate with the termination procedure:

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