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"It is a very great poverty to decide that a child must die that you might live as you wish." — Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Abortion Brochure:

A good Abortion Brochure provides information to aid pregnant women in making informed choices and clarifies the nature of abortion. We encourage pregnant women who read an abortion brochure to think carefully before having an abortion.

The decision you make in the next few weeks will affect you for the rest of your life and you have the right to learn all the facts before making any decision.

Don't let anyone pressure you into a decision you are not ready to make! Research has found that 64% of American women having abortions report they did so because of pressure to abort from others: boyfriends, husbands, parents, employers, or counselors. Most also reported that they were not given adequate counseling or time to make a decision, with many reporting that they received no counseling at all.

We highly recommend the following free brochures:

Physician's Abortion Brochure

Abortion Brochure 2008

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